MTM Affiliates
At MTM Affiliates, we have 3 payout methods, which consist of the following models:
CPA - Cost Per Acquisition
This commission model which is based on your qualified first time depositors that you'll send our way. This client type is a new client that is characterized by a minimum deposit amount of $200 or more at one of our recommended partners.
MTM Affiliates Our Rates:
$250-$800 per valid FTD based on the geo location and type of traffic.
CPL - Cost Per Lead
An online marketing payout method which will be based on the qaulified leads with which you will provide us. This means the lead is a brand new potential customer who registers indepedently, and fills out his full name, email address, and phone number.
MTM Affiliates Our Rates:
$10-$35 per lead based on the type of traffic and geo location.
Revenue Share
A commission model based on the percent of the customers' net deposit amount or Profit and Loss. The net deposit formula is the total amount of deposits minus the total amount of withdrawals equals the net deposits' amount. The Profit and Loss is calculated according to the client's performance per position.
MTM Affiliates Our Rates:
10%-35% revenue share based on the geo location or type of traffic and the core model (Profit and Loss or net deposits).